Condo owners won’t be required to pave streets

Chris Clegg
For the Lakeside Leader

A Kinuso area developer will not have to pave the streets at his condominium development.

Big Lakes County decided at its Nov. 25 meeting to allow Milton and Patricia Sloan to instead have gravel streets.

“The developers would prefer a gravel road surface because they are of the opinion that asphalt is an unnecessary expense for the development,” read Pat Olansky, director of planning and development, in her report for council.

Councillor Robert Nygaard asked if the developers also had to put in curbs and gutters.

“No,” replied Olansky.

Reeve Ken Matthews asked why the rule was in the policy to have asphalt.
“Our road down there isn’t paved,” he said. “Red Sky (in Joussard) isn’t paved. Hilliard’s Bay Estates isn’t paved. I can’t see where it’s necessary.”

The rest of council agreed. It seemed odd to them that the county was forcing a developer to pave his streets when the county was not providing paved streets to the property.

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