Congratulations to the new RCMP commissioner

To the Editor:

I must write to make a comment on a news item about a month or so ago. I am talking about the appointment of Brenda Lucki as the first female RCMP Commissioner. I had the honour and a very delightful privilege of having her in my home here in Grande Prairie about two years ago. The reason was I had sent a poem (Tribute to the RCMP) regarding the murders of two RCMP to Premier Notley. She sent it to the RCMP and I was presented with a beautiful pen set, a beautiful coffee cup and a RCMP lapel pin and a beautiful typed copy of the poem on RCMP paper. She was a beautiful lady and well deserves the honour. So congratulations Brenda and the RCMP members who I am proud of. God bless.

Veronica Lunn
Grande Prairie, AB

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