Conner Lukan was a special person

To the Editor:

Dexter Mcleod, who is my grandson, and myself traveled to Slave Lake to attend the service for Conner Lukan. Dexter played for two years with Conner on the Spruce Grove Saints. He even sat next to him in the dressing room.
On the drive Dexter reminisced about Conner and his relationship with him. Given Dexter’s comments it was so obvious that Conner was a special person.
Connor’s parents should justifiably be so proud of how Conner’s character was described to me and I am sure this was not a one off. I can only imagine the pain they have gone through and are still going through. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
I was only a spectator watching Conner but he was quite a hockey player to watch. A hard-working, hustling, skilled hockey player whose shot blocking skills were extraordinary. And let me emphasize that shot blocking at this level takes intestinal fortitude. He could take one for the team.
And then there were the times when the team needed a bit of a lift. That would be the time for one of Conner’s patented checks. Down would go the opposing player, the crowd would give a loud “OH” and both benches were intensively involved. One bench energized – the other not so much.
In closing, the service was just so well done and all of the comments were so heartfelt.


Gordon Mcleod
Edmonton, AB

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