Coping with Covid: results of our poll

Leader staff

The Leader staff is getting more techy and statsy (which probably isn’t a word). We put a survey on The Lakeside Leader Facebook Group Page last week for three days. Here are the results.

Day 1
As of 1:45 on April 8, our Day 1 question had 121 answers.

The question was “In the last week, how many stores did you enter as a customer?”

The majority – 47 people – had been to two or three stores. This is 39 per cent.

The next most popular answer was one, with 40 people. This is 33 per cent.
Thirty respondents hadn’t been to one store in a week, which is 25 per cent.
Only three per cent, or four people, said four to six store visits (at least one of these people was also buying for a business).

No one said seven or more.

Day 2
There’s good news on the communication front in Slave Lake, or at least it seems likely, based on answers to the Day 2 survey question.

The second question was, “In the last week, how have you spoken with friends and family outside of work?”

No one selected “I haven’t spoken with a single person” or “I am not social distancing. Nothing has changed. I still go to my friends’ homes and meet in groups.”

Everyone picked one of the two healthy options, which balance mental and emotional connectedness with social distancing.

As of April 9 at 10:40 a.m., the vast majority (45 people) said “I have spoken to the people I live with face-to-face; or I live alone, and have kept in contact with family and friends by phone or video chat.”

Nine people clicked on: “for the most part, I stay connected virtually, but I have spoken with one or two friends face-to-face, standing at least two metres apart.”

Day 3
“Where do you get your COVID-19 news?”

As of April 10 at 8:45 a.m., 31 people, the majority, said, “traditional news sources and the government – including the Town of Slave Lake, The Lakeside Leader (any form), and the Alberta Government.”

Three said, “the Lakeside Leader Facebook, website, and newspaper – only.”

No one picked the two social media only options.

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