Corporate shenanigans

You have to wonder what is going on when a huge, profitable corporation calls the local newspaper and asks for recommendations on how to advertise without spending any money.

Never mind that it is impertinent, insulting and stupid.

We don’t want to be too hard on the person who called. She sounded very junior, spoke with a Valley Girl accent (probably acquired growing up in Edmonton) and didn’t seem to realize that asking a newspaper how to avoid paying for advertising is pretty dumb.

But it’s not her fault. It’s her bosses’ fault, for ordering it or allowing it.

One can imagine the instructions.

‘Make some phone calls! See what you can get for nothing!’

Again, this is not some not-for-profit entity looking for a break on getting its message out. It’s a big communications company that should know better. Maybe we should have said: ‘Sure, we’ll give you a discount on ad space if you give us a discount on our Internet fees.’

Except we don’t do business like that.

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