Council a good education

When you think about it, why wouldn’t anyone want to be a municipal councillor? You get to make decisions that make somebody mad, pretty much every week. Those decisions may also be good ones for the majority of citizens, who seldom know about them and probably don’t care.
Such is public service.
The same goes for government employees – especially those in management.
‘It’s a wonder we’ve evolved to the state we have,’ somebody said the other day. He was referring to the weird and contrary ways some people have of reacting.
The thing about being on town or M.D. council is you are forced to see and consider issues from all sorts of angles that as a private citizen may never have occurred to you. That’s why service on council can pretty quickly make a know-it-all type of person much humbler. It’s a very good education.
However, decisions have to be made. You choose your poison and go with it. Some will win, some will lose…. And some will sing the blues.
If you don’t like the job your council is doing, consider running for council this fall.

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