County council holds line on municipal tax rate

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

The tax rate in Big Lakes County will remain the same as last year. County council gave first reading to the tax rate bylaw at its April 12 meeting.
Acting reeve David Marx called it, “really good,” that the county managed to hold the line.
On the other hand, the school and seniors’ portion of the tax bills have gone up this year.
“These rates are not controlled by the county,” said Big Lakes’ director of corporate services Mark Schonken.
The bylaw is due for second and third readings this week.
“There will be no significant changes to the budget,” said CAO Roy Brideau.
However, Brideau advised council that a significant decrease in linear assessment revenue would have to be made up somehow.
“We’re in a downward spiral where we can’t recover the losses in the last three years,” he said.
The county will make up the loss from surplus, Brideau added.
Brideau suggested council needs to review costs and how the county provides programs and services.

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