County denies request for tax relief

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

Big Lakes County has turned down a request for relief from property taxes from an oil and gas company, totaling almost $20,000.

A company called N7 Energy had applied for relief for unpaid taxes and penalties of $19,987 for 2019 and 2020, council heard. The recommendation before council was to accept the report as information – which amounts to a refusal to grant the request.

“That is a consistent message we would give to other taxpayers,” said Heather Nanninga, the county’s director of corporate services.

Big Lakes received a letter from N7 Energy in mid-January.

“In short,” Nanninga told council, “N7 is requesting forgiveness of 40 per cent of its outstanding tax balance, excluding 2020 penalties to date, which N7 has requested to be waived outright.”

Continuing, Nanninga said, “N7 cites challenging industry conditions and notes that they plan to be an ‘active corporate partner’ in the region by employing third party contractors.”

The letter, dated Dec. 17, states that N7 proposes to make a one-time payment of $11,155 and for council to consider the company’s current account to be up to date and paid in full. N7 also requested that council excuse the penalties.

Nanninga said N7 has one property in the county, which includes a pipeline.
The property was acquired in 2018.

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