County one step closer to allowing more RVs on lots

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

It appears more residential lots in Big Lakes County hamlets could be allowed to have one more recreational vehicle on the property. Council gave second reading to the bylaw that would make it so, though it was far from unanimous. Three councillors voted against it at a council meeting in September.

One of them, Ken Matthews, said it should be tied to the size of the lot.

Councillor Robert Nygaard agreed.

“I think it should be a half acre or larger,” he said.

Fern Welch has been opposed all along.

“I’ve never agreed with more than one RV and I’m sticking with it,” she said.
A couple of Joussard residents have been advocating for the change. One of them, Mike LeBlanc, attended the meeting and spoke.

“Two RVs will be more than fair to us,” he said.

Contributing by way of a letter, Deborah Monteith said not allowing at least two RVs per lot, “could actually hurt growth of communities.”

Monteith went on in her letter to point out that families of several generations are gathering on the lots they have invested in together.

Council already passed a bylaw allowing up to four RVS on properties larger than 2.5 acres. The bylaw currently under consideration deals with smaller lots in three hamlet districts.

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