County partners with Sucker Creek on emergency response

Richard Froese
For the Lakeside Leader

A second mutual-aid agreement for five years with a First Nation has been added to Big Lakes County.
At its Nov. 29 meeting council approved such an arrangement with Sucker Creek.
“This is the same agreement that council approved for Driftpile (signed Oct. 11),” said deputy CAO Jordan Panasiuk.
Panasiuk had met with Sucker Creek administration on Nov. 9 to discuss the matter.
“The agreement would benefit both parties,” he said, “to provide quicker response time to traffic collisions along Hwy. 2, supplemental fire protection in the county and protect the county from liability.”
Panasiuk added, “It also provides the option for Sucker Creek to attend our regular training sessions.”
Ceremonies to sign both agreements are being planned in the coming weeks.
Mutual-aid agreements for fire protection support the new Municipal Government Act, which demands collaboration between municipalities and Indigenous communities.

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