Court Report

Man fined, put on probation for theft, mischief, damage

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
November 25, 2020
Judge R.B. Marceau

Bradlee Ernest Rader (27), from Smith and Slave Lake area, pled guilty to theft under $5,000 and mischief damage under $5,000.

On March 10, 2020 at 1:27 p.m., a man filed a complaint with the Slave Lake RCMP. His wallet, phone, and bag were stolen out of a locker in the change room at the pool in Northern Lakes College (NLC). The wallet included bank cards, a PAL, and AHS card. The locker wasn’t locked.

The man’s cards were used at several Slave Lake businesses to buy $194-worth of merchandise, the court heard.. From security video, police identified Rader, in all black, going into the change room. They confronted Rader, who said, “Yes, I did it.” The stolen items were not recovered.
On April 17, 2020 at 8 p.m., Slave Lake RCMP found two individuals in a shed behind a Slave Lake church smoking, said the Crown. Rader was one of the two. He had damaged the door to get in. They admitted they didn’t have permission to be there. Rader was charged with mischief damage. There was no estimate of the cost of the damage.

Rader’s criminal record was “quite short,” said the Crown.

There are Gladue factors, said duty council.

For theft under, Rader was put on six months probation. This included the statutory conditions, to report, to pay restitution of $194 to the victim, to not be within 10 metres of NLC main Slave Lake campus, to take assessment, treatment, or counselling as recommended for drug addiction, and to provide proof of completion.

Rader was fined $500 for mischief damage. Time to pay was given to March 1, 2020 to pay or work it off. Time in lieu would be four days in custody. There was no victim fine surcharge.

Alex Julius Okemow appeared via closed circuit video from Peace River Correctional Centre. He pled guilty to failure to comply with a release order and agreed to enter into a peace bond. Two other criminal charges were withdrawn.

Shortly before midnight on Nov. 3, Okemow was banging on the door trying to get into a residence, said the Crown. He’d been living there and had been drinking, so his housemate locked him out. Neighbours called police in the wee hours of Nov. 4. Okemow was under a curfew to be in that residence by 11 p.m. Police found Okemow in the bathroom of a neighbouring residence.
“He (Okemow) has an extensive record,” said the Crown. He’s been in custody for three weeks, and the recommended sentence by joint submission is three weeks custody.

Okemow was sentenced to 21 days (three weeks) and given credit for 21 days, so zero days left to serve.

Okemow also agreed to enter into a $2,500 no-cash, 18-month peace bond with 15 conditions. These were not presented.

At trial, Tonia Robyn Nahachick changed her plea to guilty to theft under $5,000. Another charge was withdrawn.
Gladue and presentence reports were ordered and an agreed statement of facts will be filed.
Sentencing was scheduled for April 7, 2021.

Denis Aaron Willier (33) changed his plea to guilty of assault at trial.
On October 30, 2019, the victim reported an assault to the RCMP, said the Crown. The assault happened on Oct. 26. On Oct. 25, Willier and some others were living at a house. Willier, the victim and others were there when a party started. People drank most of the day and into the next. The victim fell asleep in a spare bedroom. She woke up with Willier’s body pressed up against her and his hands on her body. This was touching without consent. The victim got up and left. She felt very disappointed, uncomfortable and unsafe, said the Crown.

Willier has a very limited record, with no related convictions, said the Crown.

Gladue factors apply, said the defence., and Willier has a substance abuse problem. He’s a member of Sucker Creek First Nation, from Faust area. He’s currently living in Edmonton and has a limited income.

Willier received a suspended sentence of 12 months probation. This included conditions to report, to have no contact with the victim, and to complete assessment, treatment or counselling within the first 10 months of the probation, and provide proof. The focus of counselling etc. was on substance abuse and relationships. This didn’t include an abstinence clause.

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