Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
July 5, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul

Jason Stewart Cardinal received quite the hefty fine after pleading guilty to driving a motor vehicle without proper insurance.
Provincial Crown Attorney Hayden Shook told the court that Cardinal was stopped by a Slave Lake peace officer in February 2016. Shook said Cardinal was pulled over after the officer saw him speeding and when he was asked to provide his insurance documents, none were to be found.
Judge Paul imposed the mandatory minimum fine of $2,875 and gave Cardinal until March 2018 to pay up.
* * * * *
Larry Gabriel Powder was ordered to pay back the value of a bottle of rum he stole earlier in 2017. That order was part of his punishment Judge Paul imposed after he pled guilty to a shoplifting under $5,000 charge.
Shook said that the incident took place on May 29th at one of the Liquor Depots located in Slave Lake.
Shook informed Judge Paul that Powder has had three similar convictions in the past and was given fines ranging in the $200-$400 area.
“I’m proposing a step up from last time and that he pays restitution to the Liquor Depot in the sum of $17.49,” said Shook. “You should walk out of this place, man up, and pay back the liquor store,” Paul told Powder.
Paul also tacked on a $800 fine plus victim fine surcharge of $240.


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