Court Report

One January catalytic converter thief convicted

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
February 10, 2021
Judge G.W. Paul

Kyle Lawrence Ferchuk was in custody at Edmonton Remand Centre. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, he was not able to attend court. However, his lawyer entered two guilty pleas.

The guilty pleas were to possession of stolen property and breach of a no contact condition.

Two other charges were withdrawn.

On January 30, 2021, three people in a vehicle were at the landfill near Widewater, said the Crown prosecutor. When police arrived, they found two women in the vehicle. There were stolen catalytic converters in the vehicle. At least one person was wanted on warrants. Both were arrested.

Futher investigation revealed that Ferchuk was driving the vehicle, added the Crown. He was also arrested. Ferchuk and one of the women were under conditions to have no contact with each other.

A Feb. 10 Leader article “Thieves caught with catalytic converters” says “The complainant told RCMP there was a third person involved, who had fled the scene prior to police arriving and was hiding in the area.”

All three suspects had access to the stolen property, said the Crown.

Ferchuk had no criminal record.

Ferchuk was fined $200 for possession of stolen property and one day for breach of conditions. The fine was converted to four days in custody. The sentence equalled time served.

Ferchuk had been in custody more than five days.

Drugs seized in the investigation were forfeited. The stolen catalytic converters remain with the police until the court proceedings for the other two co-accused are finished.

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