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Woman fined $600 for taking sister’s Jeep without permission

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
April 7, 2021
Judge G.R. Ambrose

Brittany Morgan Sand (28) appeared via closed circuit video from Edmonton Remand Centre. She pleaded guilty to theft of a motor vehicle.
On January 2, 2021, Sand took her sister’s Jeep without permission, said the Crown prosecutor. For a week, Sand was living with her sister to escape her life in Edmonton.
A few days before Jan. 2, Sand had told her sister that she wanted to take the vehicle to drive back to Edmonton, said the Crown. Her sister told her she could not and hid the keys.
The morning of January 2, Sand’s sister woke up and saw that the keys hidden on the top self of a kitchen cabinet were gone, the Crown added. Also, the vehicle was gone. She also received a message from Sand that she was in Edmonton and the Jeep was overheating.
At the time, Sand had no criminal record, said the Crown.
The Crown suggested a $1,000 fine, but considering Sand had to pay $400 for the vehicle to be returned to her sister, the fine was lowered to $600.
Sand has been in custody since March 29, said duty council, so would like the fine converted to days in custody.
Sand was fined $600, which was converted to five days in jail. This equalled time served.

Tonia Robyn Nahachick was sentenced for theft under $5,000. The Crown withdrew another charge.
Nahachick was not present, but her lawyer spoke on her behalf.
An agreed statement of facts, presentence report, and Gladue report were read by the Crown, defence, and judge, but not read into court. However, some details can be gleaned from the discussion around sentencing.
Nahachick took the victim’s belongings from the victim’s hotel room. All of the items were returned. Also, Nahachick was under a lot of family stress at the time and struggles with alcohol addiction.
Nahachick’s criminal record was from 2005 to 2019, said the Crown. However, it has “nothing extraordinary.”
Nahachick has moved to Edmonton, said the defence. She has “cleaned up her act,” and is working as a cleaner. She is also attending various programs to help her keep sober.
Nahachick was fined $500. Time to pay was given until September 30, 2021.
While this isn’t a significant fine, said Judge G.R. Ambrose, “it’s probably significant to her.”

A man entered into a 12-month peace bond. Within 24 hours of drinking alcohol, he is to have no contact with the complainant until sober. Also, should she request he leave, he will leave. He is to report; take assessment, treatment, and counselling as directed; and sign any documents needed for the probation officer to supervise compliance with the conditions.
The Crown withdrew three criminal charges.

At trial, a man entered into a 12-month peace bond. The conditions were to keep the peace with the complainant; report; not purchase, possess or consume illegal drugs; and take assessment, treatment, and counselling as directed; and sign any forms necessary to supervise compliance. The assessment etc. may focus on domestic violence, anger management, and substance abuse.
The man is working toward sobriety from alcohol, which is the reason that alcohol is not listed as one of the substances he should not consume or possess, said the Crown.
The Crown withdrew one criminal charge.

Native Counselling Services entered a guilty plea on Brittany Marie Bittorf’s behalf. Under the ‘Alberta Fishery Regulations’, she admitted to having more than the daily limit of fish.
Bittorf was fined $250. Time to pay was given until July 30, 2021.

Gavin Lee Gladue pleaded guilty to driving while unauthorized under the ‘Traffic Safety Act.’ He was fined $360 and received an automatic six month driving suspension. Time to pay was given until April 30, 2021.

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