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High Prairie woman sentenced to 133 days plus fines for various crimes

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
May 26, 2021
Judge G.W. Paul

Shanelle Mary Rosychuk (22), from High Prairie, was in custody. She did not appear via closed circuit video, but duty council entered guilty pleas on her behalf.

The guilty pleas were for failure to comply (x4), breach of probation, failure to attend court, possession of a controlled substance, unauthorized a possession of prohibited weapon or restricted weapon, and resisting a peace officer. The Crown prosecutor withdrew other charges.

The offence dates ranged from December 2, 2019 to February 20, 2021.

The four failures to comply were for violating curfew orders. Breach of probation was for curfew breaches, failures to report, and failure to reside at an approved residence. All matters were from High Prairie.

On February 20, 2021, a High Prairie RCMP officer saw a woman walking down the sidewalk, said the Crown. When the woman saw the officer, she ducked down the alley.

The officer thought she looked familiar and looked her up, added the Crown. Rosychuk was wanted for outstanding warrants. The officer turned on the emergency lights. Rosychuk ran away.

The officer yelled at Rosychuk to stop and that she was under arrest, the Crown continued. Rosychuk looked back, but continued running. The officer caught up with her and arrested her. Rosychuk gave the RCMP a false name twice, but she was known to police.

Rosychuk had 8.05 grams of suspected heroin and 7.52 grams of suspected fentanyl, said the Crown. These were in small individual bags. The Crown does not have a certificate of analysis to prove that these were drugs.

Rosychuk also had a weapon in her sleeve, said the Crown.

Rosychuk missed out on an opportunity for herself by not complying with probation, said duty council.

“She really did not comply at all,” Judge Paul added.

Rosychuk’s criminal record started in 2012, said Judge Paul. There’s one gap, but there’s a rash of crimes in 2019 and up to the present.

Rosychuk was sentenced to 133 days, plus default time for a $200 and a $1,000 fine. Two other fines for $500 (unauthorized possession of prohibited weapon or restricted weapon) and $400 (resisting a peace officer) were also converted to default days, but were concurrent to the $1,000 fine. She had 21 days pretrial custody, which left 112 days plus the fines left to serve.

The $1,000 was for possession of a controlled substance. The individual sentences ranged from 14 to 45 days each.

A woman entered into a six-month peace bond. The Crown withdrew a criminal charge.
The peace bond was in reference to an incident which happened on April 10, 2021. The conditions are to keep the peace, report, to take treatment, assessment, and counselling as directed, and to provide proof of completion.

In custody in Grande Prairie RCMP cells, Sharmane Tara Bottle from Wembley area pleaded guilty to a traffic ticket and provincial ticket. The ticket was for leaving the scene of an accident some time before September 2018. The provincial ticket was for failure to attend court.

Bottle was fined $230 for the traffic ticket and $200 for the other one. No time to pay was given, so the fines were converted to seven days in jail, which equaled time served.

“She’s paid her debt on these tickets by sitting in jail for a week,” said Judge Paul.

Kevin J. Patenaude was fined $324 for driving an OHV with invalid registration. He received time to pay until December 8, 2021.

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