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Flight from police etc. lands man 75 days in jail

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
August 25, 2021
Judge A. Chrenek

Appearing via phone from Edmonton Youth Offender Centre, Justin D. James (37) pleaded guilty to three crimes. These were flight from a peace officer, resisting a peace officer, and failure to comply with conditions. The Crown prosecutor withdrew other charges.
James isn’t a youth, but was in EYOC because of COVID.
On July 10, 2021, a Slave Lake RCMP officer was patrolling near Hwy. 2 in Slave Lake, said the Crown. He recognized James’ vehicle leaving a residence. James was driving. He was under conditions not to be in contact with the female passenger. The RCMP officer attempted to pull James over.
James fled, said the Crown, speeding through town and ended up in the ditch.
James managed to get out of the ditch, the prosecutor told the court, but only by driving recklessly. The officer pursued James.
James stopped at a rural residence and ran into the bush. The officer followed for a bit, but then waited for backup. When backup arrived, the officers searched the bush, but didn’t find James.
The officers searched the vehicle and found a large hunting knife in the driver’s door, said the Crown. James was under conditions to not have any weapons.
The next day, the officers returned to the residence, said the Crown. They saw the female passenger working on a vehicle. When they looked inside, they found James hiding under clothing.
James has a criminal record.
James is originally from Newfoundland, said the defence. He has lived in Slave Lake for 13 years. He is a journeyman electrician, the court heard, but has had a hard time finding work since 2017. During that time, he has struggled with addictions.
James has sought out residential treatment for addictions, the court heard.
While in remand, for example, he has taken some courses on prevention of family violence and dealing with addictions.
James was sentenced to 30 days consecutive for flight from a peace officer, 30 days for failure to comply with conditions, and 45 days for resisting a peace officer. The total sentence was 75 days.
James had been in custody since his arrest. With enhanced credit of 1.5 days, James had 68 days credit, so seven days left to serve.

Kashtin A. Young (25) was in custody. He did not appear. On his behalf, the duty council entered a guilty plea to taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent. The Crown withdrew two other charges.
On July 25, 2021, a person in Slave Lake reported their pickup stolen, said the Crown. Young and a woman were staying at their home. In the morning, both were gone and so was one of the family’s vehicles. The RCMP found the vehicle in Wabasca. A witness saw Young drive the vehicle. The woman gave a statement to police that Young found the keys and drove the truck to visit a friend.
The Crown and duty council recommended a joint submission of 14 days.
“To deter Mr. Young next time,” said the Crown.
“This is a very early guilty plea,” said Judge A. Chrenek.
Young was sentenced to 14 days, with credit for five. He had nine days left to serve.

A man dealt with a youth traffic ticket, youth Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis ticket, and an adult traffic ticket.
He was 17 for the first two, and had just turned 18 when he committed the final one.
The youth matters were stunting and possessing cannabis while underage. The adult ticket was for driving without a licence.
He was fined $500 for stunting, $100 for cannabis, and $200 for operating a motor vehicle without a licence. He received time to pay until February 23, 2022.

Arianna Chanice Singer pleaded guilty to a traffic ticket for driving 10 km over the speed limit. She was fined $110. She received time to pay until November 30, 2021.

Clint G. Grey pleaded guilty to a traffic ticket for driving without insurance. He was fined $3,000. If he doesn’t pay, there are 45 default days in jail. He received time to pay until January 5, 2022.

Jerry N. Urenbu pleaded guilty to a traffic ticket for driving seven km over the speed limit. He was fined $100.

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