Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
November 24, 2021
Judge R.B. Marceau presiding

Appearing in court via closed circuit from the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre was Dominic Carl Beaver. He pleaded guilty to possession of controlled substances, while charges of trafficking and possession of stolen property were dropped.
The Crown Prosecutor told the court that on March 19, 2021, local RCMP constables applied for a search warrant on a local dwelling to investigate sales of illegal firearms. On March 20 the RCMP had the residence under surveillance when Beaver was seen to exit with the owner of the property and drive away. The two were stopped and taken into custody. The search warrant was executed and among the items recovered were a duffel bag belonging to Beaver containing an electronic scale and 6.09 grams of MDMA. Beaver had $2,575 on his person when he was taken into custody.
Beaver has an extensive, multi-page criminal history, mostly related to property crime and drug trafficking. In this instance, he was sentenced to 30 days incarceration. Judge Marceau ordered that the cash be returned.

Jamie Lee Brown entered a guilty plea to a no-insurance ticket and was fined the usual $2,500 plus the victim surcharge of $500. He was given until Jan 31, 2023 to pay, since he is under house arrest and unable to earn money for the time being.

Joseph Schmidt was ticketed for having no insurance, but the registered owner of the vehicle stepped forward and took responsibility for the fine. The owner, whose name your reporter was unable to catch, was fined $2,500 and the victim surcharge was waived since he had paid other tickets from the accident already. He was given till June 30, 2022 to pay.

Shanna Marie Loy entered a guilty plea to operating a vehicle without insurance, but informed the court that she would be unable to pay the fine. Judge Marceau observed that there were ample alternative ways to pay off such a fine and fined Loy the mandatory $2,500. He did waive the victim surcharge.

Winter Sage Chalifoux pled guilty to operating a vehicle while impaired. On June 6, 2020, the RCMP was called to investigate a possible impaired driver and found a vehicle in the ditch. There were no injuries. The driver, Chalifoux, was unable to give a breath sample under the 80mg limit and was taken to the detachment and charged.
Chalifoux has no previous record, and has been taking addictions counseling. She intends to move on, having entered a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity. She was fined $1,000 and prohibited from operating a vehicle for one year. She was given until June 30, 2022 to pay her fine.

Daniel Ryan Kuhberg appeared in court to contest charges of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, forgery and failure to attend court, but ended up entering guilty pleas to car theft, possession and non appearance when a sufficient number of witnesses showed up in court to testify to his guilt.
Shortly before Christmas in 2019, Kuhberg and a female accomplice went into the Aquatic Centre at Northern Lakes College and started ransacking lockers, looking for valuables. In particular, Kuhberg took keys to two pickup trucks that they proceeded to steal and ended up driving to the Northern Star parking lot. In one of the trucks the owner had left his wallet with approximately $1,000 of Christmas money. Kuhberg was caught on camera climbing into one of the pickups. The owner found that not only was his truck taken, but also his keys and much of his and his children’s clothing. The RCMP was called to investigate. When police caught up with Kuhberg they found him attempting to hide in a dumpster at the Northern Star.
Kuhberg’s counsel portrayed this as a straightforward drug case, done by addicts looking for things to sell to support their habits. Kuhberg has had a long standing methamphetamine habit, but he says that he has had a recent epiphany about the value of life since his mother recently had serious surgery. He is Métis, and had grandparents in residential school.
As for the truck owner, his victim impact statement described the sense of violation and the worry he and his family have that his keys, which were never recovered, might be used to break into his home or tool trailer. He felt that he needed to change all the locks in his home, and have his credit cards and identification documents reissued. His pickup had to eventually be towed to Edmonton at considerable cost to get his door locks reprogrammed. His out of pocket expenses came to $3,167, not counting the approximately $1,000 in Christmas money he had in his wallet, of which about $850 was recovered.
Judge Marceau was not inclined to put much weight on Kuhberg’s guilty plea, as late as it came. He sentenced Kuhberg to 90 days for the vehicle theft, 30 for possession of stolen property and 15 for the failure to attend. As Kuhberg has spent the last year in custody, he was up for immediate release. Marceau also ordered Kuhberg to make restitution in the sum of $3,167. All items seized in the investigation were to be returned to their owners.

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