Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial court
August 23, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul

The suspect in a robbery that happened at The Source in Slave Lake earlier in 2017 appeared in court via closed circuit TV for his bail hearing.
Prosecutor Jordan Lenett opposed the 22-year-old’s release because of past behaviour and due to the nature of his alleged crime. He said the suspect has a long line of breach charges and history of failing to attend court.
Among other convictions listed in his criminal record, Lenett said the man (who won’t be named because he has yet to plead guilty or to be found guilty) has various gun trafficking, possession of stolen property and other robbery-related convictions. Lenett said he doesn’t believe the alleged offender should be eligible for release.
Disagreeing, defense council Bruce Maunder said the young man could be trusted and given a chance to prove himself. Maunder added that the sister of the accused would be putting up $1,000 cash deposit for his bail. Judge Paul said a sum of money that large is certainly enough reason to stay out of trouble and ordered for the young man’s release.
* * * * *
Up for sentencing was Lisa Giroux, who had pled guilty to one count of being in possession of a controlled substance for purpose of trafficking back in 2016.
Federal Crown Attorney Cameron McCoy had proposed a custodial sentence of three years for the crime in which Giroux was found to have 84 grams of cocaine (value of $8,000) on her person in 2014.
After reading over her presentence report along with other documents that outlined Giroux’s positive actions post-arrest, Judge Paul imposed a 90-day sentence that Giroux will be serving at the Slave Lake RCMP detachment on weekends. Paul also imposed a two-year probationary period that includes Giroux having to complete 100 hours of community service, stay out of trouble and to abstain completely from any illicit drugs.


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