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Driftpile man gets 18 months for possession for trafficking

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
January 5, 2022
Judge R.B. Marceau

Tyrone Paul Burt Isadore (34), from Driftpile First Nation, appeared via closed circuit video from Peace River Correctional Centre.
Isadore pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine for trafficking, resisting a peace officer, and a breach.
The federal Crown withdrew other charges.
On January 10, 2021, two police officers were on Driftpile First Nation, said the federal Crown. They saw Isadore in the backyard of the home of someone he was under conditions not to be around.
The police officers entered the unfenced yard and told him he was under arrest for a breach of conditions.
Isadore turned and ran, the court heard. The officers followed. When one officer caught him, Isadore threw one of the bags he was carrying. The officer picked the bag. It took both officers to arrest Isadore, who elbowed them and resisted in other ways.
In the bag Isadore had thrown, the police found 41 grams of meth packaged in one gram ‘dime bags,’ the court heard, which is how meth is packaged for selling. They also found $280, made up of various denominations.
Also, in another bag which Isadore was still carrying the officers found four knives, the federal Crown added. Isadore was under conditions to not have any weapons.
Isadore at first told police that the drugs weren’t his, the court heard. Then he admitted getting the meth from a white guy. He used some and delivered and sold the rest.
Isadore’s criminal record is long. It includes previous breaches and violent offences, but no drug charges. It started in 1998 with a youth charge and the most recent conviction was on October 5, 2020.
Isadore has been impacted by Gladue factors, said the duty counsel. He spent much of his youth and adolescence living in group homes. Both sets of his grandparents attended Indian residential schools. He struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. He was selling meth to support his drug habit.
Isadore was sentenced to 18 months for possession of meth for trafficking and prohibited from having some weapons for 10 years and others for life. This is consecutive to Isadore’s weapons prohibition from 2016.
For the other crimes, Isadore was sentenced to two months concurrent for each.
Isadore had been in custody since his arrest on January 10, 2021.
The federal Crown and duty counsel asked for the pretrial custody to be counted as 12 months. With enhanced credit of 1.5 days per one day in custody, the sentence equaled time served.
Judge Marceau decided not to order Isadore to submit a DNA sample for possession, because Isadore is already in the DNA system.

A Slave Lake man was charged with assault. He did not appear, but on his behalf duty council accepted the Crown’s offer of a peace bond, instead of a criminal conviction.
The conditions are to keep the peace, report within two business days and as directed, and to take counselling for anger management. He must also provide proof of completion of this counselling by the end of the seventh month.
The paperwork was sent to probation. Once the man signs it, the criminal charge will be withdrawn.

Duty counsel entered a guilty plea on Alfred Magona’s behalf to a traffic ticket for driving without insurance. The Crown withdrew another ticket.
Magona was fined the minimum, which is $3,000 including victim fine surcharge. He received time to pay until January 11, 2023. If he does not pay the fine, he will have to spend 45 days in jail.

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