Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
September 6, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul

Jean P. Netowastanum appeared in court via closed circuit television from Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC) and tendered a plea of guilt to two charges, including one count of breaching conditions and one count of failing to comply with an undertaking.
Provincial Crown Attorney Petter Hurich told the court that Slave Lake RCMP received a complaint back in early 2016 of a ‘suspected drunken individual’ walking along side Hwy. 2.
According to officers, after doing some patrolling they stumbled upon Netowastanum, nearly falling into the ditch and smelt strongly of alcohol. At the time of the incident he was under release conditions to abstain from any sort of consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs.
Hurich added that Slave Lake RCMP found Netowwastanum in a similar situation earlier in 2017 after responding to a complaint of an intoxicated male. Officers said the found him sleeping on the ground with an empty mickey of vodka in his hand.
At the time of the court hearing, Netowastanum had been in custody for a period of eight days, which Judge Paul took into consideration when sentencing him and ultimately ordering for his release.
“Now if you get caught drinking – they’re going to throw you in jail and you will not be allowed out,” Paul cautioned Netowastanum. “Try not to drink!”
* * * * *
Up for sentencing was Dale Martin Laboucan, who pled guilty to the single charge of failing/refusing to provide a breathe sample earlier this year. Judge Paul said Judge Shynkar should be imposing the sentencing because of a conflict of interest. The matter was waived to High Prairie next week where Laboucan will hear what is in store for him.
* * * * *
Elissa Lambert was set to be tried but changed her plea before proceedings started; Lambert pled guilty to one count of driving with a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal limit.
Hurich read the facts, which in his words were, local police conducted a routine traffic stop when they found Lambert showing signs of driving while intoxicated. Officers performed a roadside sobriety test which Lambert failed and when back at the detachment, Lambert blew well over the legal limit.
Paul imposed a one-year driving prohibition and a total fine of $1,300 fine. Lambert has until January 2018 to pay up.


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