Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial court
April 19, 2017
Judge J.A. Watson

Maninder Saran appeared in court and pled guilty to three charges, including one count of assault with a weapon, one count of being in possession of a weapon, and one count of obstructing and resisting a police officer.
Provincial Crown Attorney Petter Hurich told the court that on June 1, 2016, Slave Lake RCMP received a complaint of a man causing a disturbance at a local construction site.
“Mr. Saran had been in the area by the site and had a BB gun that looked like a real gun from a distance and he pointed it at the workers,” he said. “He then went to a nearby school and was knocking on windows and yelling to be let inside. The school actually had to go into lockdown for safety reasons.”
Officers found him near the school and a short standoff occurred.
“He was very agitated and laughing hysterically at times,” he said. “Mr. Saran pointed the gun at himself and pulled the trigger several times.”
Hurich added, “Eventually he dropped the gun and RCMP tackled him.”
Saran said the reason for his bizarre behaviour was that was on new medication around the time of the incident. Judge Watson took that into consideration, imposing a suspended sentence with two years of probation.
* * * * *
Set to be tried was John Weeks, but he changed his plea to guilty for driving with a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal limit at the last minute. Hurich said on June 19, 2016, Slave Lake RCMP detained Weeks and he blew over the legal limit. Watson imposed a total fine of $1,300 and a one- year driving prohibition.
* * * * *
Dolphus Rolly Noskiye pled guilty to one count of breaching probation. Hurich said that Noskiye was released with “simple” conditions that he report to a probation officer once out of custody, which he didn’t end up doing. Watson credited Noskiye for seven days served and imposed a further three day sentence.
* * * * *
Sarah Katelynn Baron found out that the past does indeed catch up with you. She pled guilty to two failing to appear in court charges dating back to 2012.
“Both days were docket appearances,” said Hurich.
Watson imposed a total fine of $390.
* * * * *
Tyson Austin Oliver pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance. Federal Crown Attorney Cameron McCoy said on Jan. 16, 2016, Slave Lake RCMP saw Oliver drive out of a local bar parking lot.
According to officers, on top of driving in the middle of the road and turning without signaling, Oliver’s license plate was not properly visible.
When officers approached Oliver during a traffic stop, they said his eyes were half shut and bloodshot.
“When asked for his license he threw it at them,” said McCoy. “When asked if he had anything to drink, he initially said no but later admitted to having one drink and then changed his story to having two drinks.”
McCoy added, “Officers asked him to get into the back of the cruiser to take a breathalyzer test. Before he got in the officer patted him down to make sure he wasn’t carrying any weapons and when he did the officer felt a bag which turned out to be four grams marijuana.”
Watson imposed a conditional discharge that included 60 hours of community service.
Nathaniel Chelick appeared on behalf of Oliver (who has since moved back to Nova Scotia) and said he would be transferring the file to the courts there.

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