Court Report

Man gets 14 days in jail for liquor theft

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
October 4, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul

Maxwell R. Anderson appeared in court via closed circuit television (CCTV) from Peace River Correctional Centre (PRCC) and pled guilty to one count of theft under $5,000; his other charge of allegedly failing to appear in court was dropped by provincial Crown Attorney Jordan Lenett.
According to the police report, Anderson was seen on video surveillance taking a bottle of whiskey from a local liquor store earlier in 2017.
Lenett told the court that the store clerk said three males had come in and two of them paid for their booze, however Anderson had not.
Judge Paul tacked on 14 more days to Anderson’s stay in custody and ordered him to pay back the cost of the 1.75 litre bottle of whiskey ($51.97) to the liquor store.
* * * * *
The two young adults suspected of being involved in the murder of Nicole Robar appeared in court via CCTV and asked for their matters to be adjourned until November 1, 2017 in order to receive and go over their disclosure packages.
Judge Paul agreed and said the next step on that date will need to be pleading guilty or not-guilty.

* * * * *
Pearl Mavis Giroux was fined $300 for drinking in public and failing to appear in court. Lenett said the facts were pretty straightforward.
Giroux was seen by peace officers drinking a beer and when they approached she chucked it; however she still had a case of ‘Lucky Lager’ on her person. Lenett added that officers smelt alcohol on Giroux’s breath and that she was displaying signs of intoxication.
After this incident Giroux was supposed to appear in court and didn’t show up.
“Pearl you can’t be drinking outside in the open,” Judge Paul said. “If you’re going to drink do it inside!”


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