Court Report

Drunk driving gets man 45 days

Slave Lake Provincial Court
November 8, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul presiding

Rodney Jarrod Hibbs was in court to answer charges of impaired driving and impaired driving causing injury.
Originally Hibbs had planned on a trial and had pled not guilty. However, he changed his mind and entered a guilty plea for the impaired driving charge, thus saving the time of several witnesses and a toxicologist who were prepared to testify. The rest of the charges were dropped.
Earlier Hibbs had been involved in a single vehicle accident of which he was the driver. There were two passengers, one of whom was ejected from the vehicle. Fortunately none of the injuries sustained by driver or passengers were serious.
Hibbs’ blood alcohol was still more than .180 when he was checked three hours after the accident. The Crown prosecutor joined Hibbs’ counsel in suggesting 45 days in jail and a two-year suspension of driving privileges were appropriate, given Hibbs’ past record.
Judge Paul agreed with the joint submission from the Crown and Hibbs’ attorney, commenting that it was on the low end for the offense.
Hibbs had been convicted before of impaired driving, including a conviction for an impaired violation that occurred after the one being addressed. Paul warned Hibbs that he needed to start making smarter choices and stop getting behind the wheel when he was drinking.
“The next time this happens, it won’t be 45 days in jail,” he told Hibbs, “it will be more on the order of nine months to a year.”
Paul sentenced Hibbs to 45 days, two years driving prohibition and no eligibility for an interlock device before the two years was up.


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