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No dice, says Judge Paul to crime spree woman – your pleas stand

Slave Lake Provincial Court
November 22, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul presiding

One of the two women who engaged in a crime spree across the Slave Lake area in 2016 which included break and enter, robbery, pointing a firearm, using a disguise during the commission of an offence, multiple weapon offences, and flight from police was back in court this week for sentencing. Amanda Harasym, appearing via closed circuit from Edmonton Remand Centre, presented through her lawyer an affidavit stating that her pleas of guilty to six of the 39 charges against her were made under duress and threat of injury by her co-accused Janelle Grey and asking the Court to strike the guilty pleas and proceed with a trial. According to Harasym, Grey had threatened bodily harm through unnamed intermediaries if Harasym kept trying to pin the rap on her.
The Crown Prosecutor argued that it shouldn’t be allowed, since the agreement reached in making the guilty pleas was to the benefit of both Harasym and the Crown. Also, the evidence offered in the affidavit was very flimsy and non-specific as to times and names of those who allegedly carried the threats from Grey to Harasym.
Judge Paul spent considerable time considering the issue before he made his decision. In the end, he ruled against setting aside the guilty pleas. The process of trying Harasym had been lengthy, starting in September 0f 2016 and still ongoing. There was no evidence of any impropriety in the process to be found. There was no evidence of undue pressure on Harasym or that she didn’t understand the guilty pleas she had entered on February 22, 2017. There was also no evidence that any of it was the result of pressure from her co-accused Grey, nor was there any likelihood that Grey was worried about having anything pinned on her. Grey had entered her own guilty pleas to charges on February 1, 2017, well before Harasym, and has since been sentenced for them. She was thus unaffected by whatever Harasym did and to Judge Paul’s thinking, unlikely to be making threats of any substance. Coercion was never mentioned to the Court before October, 2017, long after Grey had been sentenced. Judge Paul rejected the call to strike the pleas and set sentencing for Harasym for December 20.

Breach made worse by attempted theft
Wally Noskiye, appearing by closed circuit from ERC, pled guilty to shoplifting and breach of a condition of his release on an earlier matter. The condition in question was one to not come within 50 kilometers of Slave Lake. This condition was breached on September 17, 2017 when Noskiye came down to Slave Lake from Wabasca where he lives to “pick up his baby.”
Unfortunately he included a stop at a local liquor store where he attempted to leave with a 26 oz. bottle of vodka for which he hadn’t paid. He was given a 30 day sentence each for the breach and the shoplifting, to be served concurrently, with credit for 24 days already spent in custody.

Theft lands man in hot water
Also from ERC, Gordon Greyeyes entered pleas of guilty to charges of theft, failure to appear at Court, failure to comply with conditions and driving while disqualified. On February 16, 2017 Greyeyes was paid $400 by an acquaintance to move some items to storage. In the process a 48” TV, 32” TV, tablet, IPad Mini, cellphone, bed, wall mirror and other items came up missing. When asked, Greyeyes became evasive, promised their return, and eventually stopped accepting calls from the complainant. On February 28, he was picked up for driving without a license.
The Crown presented a history on Greyeyes that included many instances of driving while disqualified and other such infractions. Also the failure to appear was for a trial date, an aggravating factor. Judge Paul sentenced Greyeyes to 30 days in jail for the theft, with 21 days credit for time served. For missing the court date, he was given 30 days to be served consecutively, and for the unauthorized driving got a further 30 days, also consecutive, for a total of 83 days of incarceration left to serve.

Armed with a baseball bat
Stephanie Greyeyes appeared from ERC as well, pleading guilty to two charges of theft, cocaine possession, and failure to appear at a Court proceeding. On May 17, Greyeyes and a male companion armed with a baseball bat made their way into a room in a local motel and took an IPad, purse and liquor from two women renting the room. When police searched her she was found with a small vial containing a small amount of cocaine. On April 24, Greyeyes broke into an apartment unit from which she had earlier been evicted, causing some damage, because she had “nowhere else to go.”
On June 7 her father reported that she had taken his cell phone and sold it for $80 at a local business, and on June 14 she failed to attend at a court proceeding and was picked up on warrant.
Greyeyes was ordered released, pending the presentation of a pre-sentencing report and a Gladue report. She was instructed to set up a $1,000 deposit, keep the peace, be of good behavior, report when ordered, get treatment for addiction in Grande Prairie and otherwise stay with her mother in Mayerthorpe until sentencing.

Asleep in a stolen car
Jeffery Shaw was found to have violated many of the conditions of his release from custody in Edmonton when he was found recently asleep in a stolen car 25 kilometers east of Slave Lake with meth pipes, meth, beer and Scotch, and a number of electronic devices, all of which he was prohibited from possessing. Shaw claimed that brain damage from an earlier injury makes his memory spotty and that he was supposed to be repairing the electronic items. Due to his ongoing legal issues, Judge Paul added 20 days to Shaw’s time to serve, and ordered that all efforts need to be made to be sure to return the electronic items to their owners.

Rummaging through vehicles
Dion Chrysler pled guilty to theft, possession of a controlled substance, and failure to appear in Court. Chrysler was brought in on a warrant for an incident on August 5, 2014 where he was reported to police for rummaging through vehicles in the Westside Village area of Slave Lake. He was charged with theft of a small amount of money and two hunting knives. He subsequently failed to appear at Court to answer for the theft. On November 2, 2017, police were dispatched to a disturbance, where they detained Chrysler and found him to be in possession of 28 grams of cannabis. He was fined $300 for the theft and asked to “man up, and return the $23,” by Judge Paul; there being no formal request for restitution.
He was also fined $100 for his failure to attend and $50 for possession of pot.

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