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Judge convicts man of impaired driving and fines him $1,000

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
Dec. 20, 2017
Judge G. R. Ambrose

Allan Broome has been convicted of impaired driving.
Broome plead guilty to the charge, stemming from a Nov. 16, 2017 incident.
A police offer pulled him over and found Broome and a female passenger in the vehicle. Police could smell the odour of alcohol. Police reported that Broome was fumbling for his wallet. A roadside test was issued and he was found to be over the .08 limit.
Judge Ambrose said that although Broome tested over the legal limit, it was a low reading. He was willing to take into account that the defendant did not have a criminal record. With that in mind the sentence was a $1,000 fine, with a 30 per cent victim surcharge and a driving prohibition for one year. Broome will be able to apply for an interlock system at his earliest eligibility.
Ambrose was willing to give Broome a chance to pay the fine over time if the proper paperwork was completed before Jan. 1, 2018.
* * * * *
Brady Alook has been convicted on charges of assault with a weapon as well as failure to attend court.
Alook was to appear in court on Dec. 20, 2017 via CCTV from the Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC) but was not able to. He was placed in isolation due to illness. Alook had plead guilty to the charges and has been in custody since Dec. 1, 2017.
Judge Ambrose said Alook should get some credit for entering a guilty plea but assault with a weapon is a serious offense. The sentencing was for 30 days in custody, which he would get credit for time spent. There was a $100 fine plus the victim surcharge.
Alook was to be released into the care of his mother who lives in Grimshaw. He was to report to the nearest RCMP detachment by Dec. 27 no later than 3:00 p.m. He was also required to give DNA to the police at that time.
* * * * *
Derek Auger has been convicted for failing to appear in court.
Auger plead guilty for failing to appear in court over charges he was facing for possession of stolen property. The crown withdrew that charge on Dec. 20.
Judge Ambrose felt that there still should be a conviction for failing to attend court. He explained that Auger had an intensive criminal record but had no convictions for failing to appear. He decided to mitigate the sentence.
He sentenced Auger to five days in custody with credit for time already served.

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