Court Report

Woman sentenced for cocaine possesion

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
Jan. 3, 2018
Judge G. W. Paul

Anna Ponyunyayeva has been convicted of possession of a substance.
Ponyunyayeva appeared in Slave Lake Provincial Court via CCTV from the Calgary Remand Centre and Plead guilty. Judge G. W. Paul told her it is her choice if she wants to continue with this lifestyle but warned that cocaine use ruins lives and she does find herself in some trouble. Ponyunyayeva has been in jail for some time.
Paul issued three fines of $200 for failing to appear in court, as well as $800 and $50 for possession. He gave her time to pay. This means the fines will have to be payed by July 4, 2018.
* * * * *
Allan Javorski has been convicted of mischief-property damage.
Javorski appeared in court via CCTC from the Edmonton Remand Centre. He has been there since Nov. 13. He plead guilty. The charges stemmed from an incident where Javorski punched a wall out of frustration, causing the wall to crack.
The crown recommended a custodial sentence citing Javorski’s criminal record, which includes theft, assault and jail time. Defense council agreed that the record is not good but stated Javorski regrets the incident and was inclined to fix the damage he caused.
Judge Paul gave credit to Javorski for pleading guilty but felt the recommendation from the crown was reasonable. He sentenced Javorski to 20 days in prison with a credit for three days. There would be a victim surcharge fee of $100 with no time to pay.

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