Court Report

Care and control conviction earns man $1,000 fine

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
Jan. 17, 2018
Judge G. W. Paul

Daniel Jack Dietz has been convicted of being in the care and control of a motor vehicle while his ability was impaired.
This was the result of an Oct. 5, 2015 incident in which Dietz was found to be passed out in a truck in Slave Lake. He was in the driver’s seat. The truck was still running and set to drive. Dietz had one foot on the brake pedal.
Judge Paul said he knows Dietz has a problem and did not want to set him up for failure on a probation. He told Dietz needs help to combat his addiction.
“You got yourself hooked, you need to get unhooked,” Paul said.
Paul explained that some people prey on people in Dietz’ position and expressed great sympathy for him. He said he has hopes for the 25-year-old to overcome this challenge.
In the end Paul sentenced Dietz to pay a $1,000 fine plus victim surcharge. He imposed a one-year driving ban but allowed the application for an interlock system after three months. Paul explained that although alcohol was not involved in this case, this would be the only way for Dietz to get his license back.
Dietz was also given time to pay. The fine will have to be settled by July 18, 2018.
* * * * *
Amanda C. Harasym has been convicted of several charges involved in a regional crime spree that included incidents in Slave Lake and Whitefish.
Harasym, 27, appeared in court live via CCTV from the Edmonton Remand Centre.
This included breaking and entering, use of a firearm and dangerous driving.
Judge Paul recognized that Harasym was not the primary actor in the matter and she doesn’t have a record of violence. She had an accomplice that is currently in custody. That being said, the judge explained that Harasym; was along for the ride therefore there have to be consequences.
“You don’t get a free ride for a spree,” he said.
The judge did feel Harasym could be rehabilitated.
The total of Harasym’s sentence was for six years in prison. Paul gave her credit for her just under 500 days already spent in custody. She will be facing a firearm prohibition for 10 years after she is released from prison and is restricted from purchasing ammunition for life.
Harasym will also have to submit DNA and pay seven victim surcharges of $200.
Paul did not impose a driving ban because of the time spent in jail.

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