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“You have been warned,” says judge: gives man 90 days

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
Jan. 24, 2018
Judge G. W. Paul

Dale F. Chalifoux will be facing a a 90-day sentence stemming from assault charges.
Chalifoux appeared in court live via CCTV from the Peace River Correctional Centre (PRCC). The defense argued that with the guilty plea there should be some credit for that. It was proposed to give the 29-year-old credit for his time spent in custody.
Judge Paul explained to Chalifoux that his lawyer did a good job in getting him a 90-day sentence. That is the bare minimum he could have hoped for, especially taking his record of this type of behavior into account. He said that usually sentences for repeated crime increase in severity.
Paul was not impressed that this stemmed from an incident of domestic assault with children present in the home at the time. Chalifoux was on probation at the time.
Paul said the only good thing is that Chalifoux plead guilty early on. He agreed to a credit of 62 days, leaving only 28 days.
The judged warned Chalifoux that if he commits a similar act once released, getting this kind of sentence again would be a pipe dream.
“You have been warned,” Paul said.
* * * * *
Dion Robert Davis has been convicted of impersonating someone in an attempt to avoid arrest.
Davis had originally plead not guilty, but changed his plea on Jan. 24. The crown explained that Davis was stopped for a traffic matter and impersonated his brother. This caused some confusion. The crown recommended that a fine would be appropriate.
Judge Paul told Davis the whole matter is not about what Davis did to himself. It is the effects felt by his brother as well. Paul accepted the plea and levied a $400 fine plus victim surcharge.
Davis was given until June 27, 2018 to pay the fine.
* * * * *
Alicia Cheralee Tanghe has been convicted of shoplifting under $5,000.
This all stemmed from an incident on Feb. 3, 2017 at a Slave Lake tool store. Tanghe admitted to stealing a pair of gloves and a wrench to be used to fix her vehicle. She said her van broke down with her three kids inside.
Judge Paul said that you can’t steal. He sentenced Tanghe to $200 plus the victim surcharge. He gave her until May 2 to pay.

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