Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial court
April 26, 2017
Judge A.C.J Golden

Kevin Beaver appeared in court via closed circuit television from Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC) and pled guilty to two charges, including one count of obstructing and resisting a peace officer and one count of failure to comply with an undertaking.
Provincial Crown Attorney Petter Hurich told the court that earlier in March of this year; a complaint was made of an intoxicated male passed out inside the local government centre lobby (later identified as Beaver).
A Town of Slave Lake peace officer responded to the complaint and told Beaver he was being put under arrest.
“The officer tried to handcuff Mr. Beaver at which time Mr. Beaver tried to pull away,” said Hurich. “The officer was able to gain control and walked Mr. Beaver to the door that Mr. Beaver proceeded to slam himself into. Again the officer was able to gain control and escorted Mr. Beaver to the vehicle and asked him to get inside. Mr. Beaver sat down but refused to put his feet inside and tried to stand up. The officer said this went on for around 45 seconds.”
According to Hurich, Beaver was later released on an undertaking that he abstain from consuming any sort of alcohol. It was about a month later, on April 23rd, that Beaver was arrested for breaching such a condition when he was caught intoxicated and passed out in a local fast-food restaurant.
“It’s pretty clear that Mr. Beaver has a problem with alcohol,” said Hurich.
Judge Golden credited Beaver for his time served and tacked on five more days to his sentence.
* * * * *
Robert Essensa pled guilty to two counts of failing to appear in court.
The court heard the facts, which were pretty simple; Essensa had to attend court on two separate occasions back in 2016 and didn’t show up. Golden released him after crediting him for time served and told him to stay out of trouble.
* * * * *
Laurie Andrea Laboucan appeared in court via closed circuit television from Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre (FSCC) and pled guilty to failing to attend court.
Similar to others with this charge, Hurich said the circumstances were simple; Laboucan had a docket appearance scheduled for March 28, 2017 and didn’t show up. Golden imposed a fine and credited Laboucan’s stay at FSCC as payment.
* * * * *
Trevor Gordon Konchuk made the trek up from Edmonton and pled guilty to one count of possessing a controlled substance.
Federal Crown Attorney Cameron McCoy said that police officers found a whopping 212 grams of marijuana and 15 one-gram packets of ‘shatter’ (compressed marijuana resin) in Konchuk’s possession earlier this year.
“That’s around $2,200 worth of drugs,” said McCoy.
According to McCoy, the discovery came after officers noticed a man (later identified as Konchuk) walking alongside Highway 2 and didn’t think much of it until they found an abandoned vehicle a few kilometres behind him.
After running the vehicle’s plates officers said they found out it was stolen and followed foot prints leaving the vehicle, which eventually led them to Konchuk.
“Officers detained Mr. Konchuk and after further investigation were able to prove it was him by matching cigarettes and foot prints,” said McCoy. “I know politicians views on marijuana are changing – but this is a lot. I’m asking you to consider a short, sharp custodial sentence.”
Judge Golden imposed a total fine of $910 for the incident.
* * * * *
Robert John Potskin pled guilty to one count of causing a disturbance. Hurich said that on March 30, 2017, Slave Lake RCMP arrested Potskin after he refused to leave the parking lot of a local grocery store.
“Mr. Potskin smelled of alcohol and was asked to leave,” said Hurich. “He became angry and started to yell vulgar things. It’s just not the type of behaviour one would want in the parking lot of a business.”
Judge Golden imposed a total fine of $325.

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