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Driver of car in the ditch gets $1,500 fine, suspension

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
February 14, 2017
Judge J.A. Watson

Blaine Scott Aykroyd, 42, finds himself convicted of impaired driving.

Crown prosecutor Andre Arsenault informed the court that this stemmed from an incident on Dec. 20, 2017. A tow truck driver called the RCMP over a vehicle that was found in a ditch. There was concern that the driver, Aykroyd, was impaired. Police arrived on the scene and administered a breathalyzer test. Aykroyd tested over the legal limit.

Arsenault argued for an increased fine because Aykroyd does have a record. He described the record as dated.

Aykroyd’s lawyer recommended a $1,500 fine and three months to pay. He said Aykroyd is divorced but has dependent children. He argued that his client is remorseful and has taken responsibility for his actions. He explained that Aykroyd had just been informed that a friend had committed suicide that day and made a bad choice while coping.

Judge Watson fined Aykroyd $1,500 plus victims surcharge and offered until May 31 to pay the fine. The sentence also included a one-year suspension of Aykroyd’s driver’s license. The judge allowed Aykroyd to apply for a restricted license with an interlock device in three months.
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Mico Elvis Estacio has been convicted of impaired driving.

Estacio appeared in court in person. Judge Waston asked for a plea and Estacio plead guilty. Watson asked if Estacio wanted to speak with duty council and if his plea was voluntary. Watson also informed Estacio that pleading guilty would mean there is no trial and the court will determine his sentence. Estacio said he understood and his plea was voluntary. He did not elect to speak with duty council.

Crown prosecutor Andre Arsenault explained that the charges stemmed from a Dec. 19, 2017 incident. The RCMP was on a routine patrol and found a vehicle in the snow bank. The officer smelled alcohol in the vehicle and the driver, Estacio, showed signs of impairment. A breathalyzer test was administered and Estacio was found to be over the legal limit.

Watson imposed a one-year driving prohibition on Estacio but allowed him to apply for a restricted license in three months. This would include an interlock system.

Watson fined Estacio $1,200 plus victim fine surcharge and gave him until Aug. 31 to pay.

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