Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
May 10, 2017
Judge A.C.J Golden

Karl Joseph Menier pled guilty to three charges, including one count of failing to comply with an undertaking, one count of mischief involving property and one count of fraudulently obtaining food.
According to Provincial Crown Attorney Petter Hurich, earlier this year in February, Menier walked into a local convenience store and stirred up quite the trouble.
“Mr. Menier entered 7/11 and was intoxicated on alcohol,” he said. “He tried to purchase something at the cash and his card was declined. Mr. Menier became extremely angry and started to throw produce around the store. He actually grabbed a bottle of window wiper fluid and threw it against the glass window which broke.”
At the time of the incident Hurich said Menier was on conditions related to a prior conviction which prohibited him from consuming alcohol.
As for fraudulently obtaining food, Hurich said Menier simply dined and dashed.
“On March 26, 2017, Mr. Menier walked out of Dom’s Pub without paying his tab,” he said. “The tab was valued at $30.80.”
Golden imposed a total fine of $650 and gave Menier until November to pay up.

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