Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
June 21, 2017
Judge D.R. Shynkar

The matter with Joshaua Ferguson was the first one to be resolved when Ferguson pled guilty to impaired driving.
On May 7, 2017 police noticed a vehicle being driven on 2nd Avenue in an erratic manner. When they stopped the vehicle they found reason to suspect that the driver, Ferguson, was intoxicated. They requested that he take a roadside breath test which he failed and he was taken to the detachment where he failed another test and was charged.
Given that there were no other aggravating nor mitigating factors involved, Ferguson was given the standard fine of $1,000 plus $300 victim surcharge, and the mandatory one-year driving suspension.
* * * * *
Allen Auger pled guilty to possession of stolen property, operating a vehicle while disqualified and impaired operation of a motor vehicle.
On February 3, 2017, police responded to a report of a vehicle theft called in by the owner of the vehicle who was giving chase. The police soon located the vehicle and after following it for a time were able to approach. They found Auger, heavily intoxicated, had been driving the stolen vehicle and took him into custody. There was neither damage nor injury stemming from the incident.
Auger’s driving privileges had been suspended due to an earlier incident with drunk driving. Auger owned up to the fact that he has a problem with drinking, and has gotten worse since the recent death from cancer of his grandmother who raised him and his brother’s suicide. He started drinking to “clear his head” but of course it had the opposite effect. He hopes he will be able to get residential treatment for his alcohol addiction after his time is served. He also asked for an intermittent sentence because his father also has cancer and requires a lot of his time.
Judge Shynkar sentenced Auger to 45 days to be served on weekends at the Desmarais Detachment for the possession of stolen property charge, and placed him on six-months probation for the rest, provided Auger follows his probation to the letter, and seeks residential treatment for his alcohol problem. Auger was also given a mandatory two-year driving prohibition.
* * * * *
Everett Auger came before the court and pled guilty to unlawful harassment of his former domestic partner. Things came to a head on November 22, 2016 when he was released on condition that he have no contact with the complainant. In the month previous, Auger’s long-term relationship had ended, after which Auger began to constantly call, text, and generally harass his ex. He showed up at her workplace and home to the extent that she began to feel watched constantly and became fearful.
Since the no-contact condition was put in place, there have been no breaches of conditions reported, though Auger did miss one court date. He wishes to maintain a good relationship with his children, but claims to have moved on as far as his ex is concerned. Both he and his ex agreed to let his mother be the go-between on matters pertaining to the children.
Judge Shynkar laid a fine of $300 for the missed court date, commenting that missed court dates can also bring jail time if conditions warrant. He also gave Auger probation for six months and placed as the main condition that Auger and his ex have no contact except through a neutral third party, who could be Auger’s mother if such was mutually agreeable.
* * * * *
Selene Giroux pled guilty to theft under $5,000 because of an incident on February 1, 2017. On that date the manager at Appara Shoes observed Giroux attempting to leave the store with shoes she had not paid for. The manager followed Giroux until the police arrived to take Giroux into custody.
Giroux has had past convictions including jail time and has had addiction issues. Drugs were apparently a precipitating factor in this case as with the others.
Judge Shynkar gave Giroux six months probation, observing that she was in the process of going through a doctor-supervised methadone program to treat her drug problem, and that he was hopeful that she would be successful with it.

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