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Man fined $500 for peeing in hallway & pooping in drive-thru

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
August 19, 2020
Judge G.W. Paul

Mark David Gladue (45), from Whitefish, pled guilty to mischief damage under $5,000.
On June 13, 2020 at around 8 p.m., Slave Lake RCMP were called to a fast food restaurant in Slave Lake, said the Crown prosecutor. Gladue was intoxicated. He’d entered the restaurant and asked to use the washroom. However, he was refused because he was intoxicated and the washroom is for customers. Gladue then urinated in the hallway. He left the building. The owner followed and caught him defecating in the drive-thru. Gladue then left.
Police recognized Gladue from the security video, said the prosecutor. They arrested him 30 minutes later.
The Crown recommended a fine.
Gladue’s record was admitted.
Gladue has many Gladue factors, said the defence. He drinks a lot and doesn’t really remember that night. He has a very limited income.
“It’s disgusting,” said Judge Paul. The Crown could have asked for custody.
Gladue was fined $500 for mischief damage under $5,000. Time to pay was given until January 20, 2021.

Note: Since mid-March, Slave Lake Provincial Court docket has been held in High Prairie Provincial Courthouse. This court was also physically in High Prairie.
People charged with a crime are expected to attend in-person, by phone, CCTV, or by proxy. To attend by phone, people charged need to contact the court. To have someone attend for them (by proxy), contact duty counsel, their lawyer, or Slave Lake Native Counselling Service. These can be reached by phone, email, or fax.
Wabasca and Red Earth Creek Provincial Courts are also being held in the High Prairie Courthouse. Court will likely remain in High Prairie until September.
Anyone entering a courthouse in Alberta must wear a mask.

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