Court Report

Four in-custody accused plead guilty to various offences

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
August 26, 2020
Judge G.W. Paul

Appearing by phone from Edmonton Remand Centre, Dino Stewart Kootenay (50) pled guilty to mischief and failure to appear.

Kootenay was drinking, said the Crown prosecutor. He passed out in a Slave Lake restaurant. There were children present. Police found two empty bottles of Smirnoff next to him.

On April 10, 2019, Kootenay didn’t attend court.

Kootenay lives in Edmonton, said duty council. He has no fixed address or job. He waived his right to a Gladue report.

Kootenay was fined $200 each for mischief and failure to appear. This was converted into four days in prison concurrent. This equaled time served.

Clayton Tyson Gladue appeared by phone while in custody. He pled guilty to failure to appear, breach of a peace bond, and two charges of failure to comply with conditions. Three other charges were withdrawn.

All the crimes come from a relationship gone bad, which has ended, said the Crown prosecutor. On July 23, 2019, Gladue was in the victim’s home in Wabasca without permission. She was outside.

On August 2, 2019, Gladue breached a no-contact peace bond by texting the victim. Later, Gladue received a suspended sentence of probation which included a condition not to contact the victim.

Suspended sentences delay the passing of sentence, says the Government of Canada’s department of justice website. The person is put on probation. If they breach the conditions, a new sentence can be imposed.

On October 17, 2019, Gladue failed to attend court.

On August 6, 2020, Gladue was outside the victim’s residence in Wabasca trying to get in, said the Crown. He was drunk and didn’t understand police.

Gladue’s “record is quite minimal,” said the defence. He is living and plans to live in Edmonton. While in remand, he looked into alcohol addiction treatment. Early in August, he “didn’t quite know how he got up north (to Wabasca).”

Gladue was sentenced to 36 days and $560 fines and victim fine surcharge. He had credit for all 36 days. The breakdown of sentences was: 15 days for the July 23, 2019 failure to comply, seven days for breach of a peace bond, and 14 days for the Aug. 26, 2020 failure to comply. Victim fine surcharges of $100 dollars each were imposed the three sentences. For failure to appear, Gladue was fined $200 plus a $60 victim fine surcharge. Time to pay was given until January 27, 2021.

Winona K. Supernault (33) appeared by closed circuit video from Edmonton Remand Centre. She pled guilty to two charges of failure to comply with conditions and two of failure to appear. Three charges were withdrawn.

At the time of these crimes, said the Crown, Supernault didn’t have a criminal record. From May 7 to 29, 2019, Supernault failed to report. From September 24 to October 8, 2019, she failed to report. On June 3 and in November 2019, she failed to appear for court.

The Crown recommended escalating fines, and “a short sharp sentence for the fourth one.”

Supernault has been in custody since May 2, 2020, said the defence. She’s 33, from Driftpile, and is addicted to drugs. While in custody, she’s taken the four courses required for out-of-custody drug rehabilitation. She has enough default time to cover fines and understands that she’s “burnt out her opportunity for fines.

A woman in her thirties, “starting to get into this type of trouble is sad,” said Judge Paul.

Supernault was fined $100, $200, and $300 for the first three crimes. Each of these was converted to time in custody: one day, four days, and six days respectively. For the fourth crime, she was sentenced to seven days. Credit for 18 days was applied to the sentence, so no time left to serve.

Dominic C. Beaver appeared in person in custody in High Prairie (where Slave Lake court was held). He was there for trial, but changed his plea to guilty to intent/avoid arrest by impersonation and operation of a motor vehicle while disqualified. Seven other charges were withdrawn.

In Desmarais, an RCMP officer pulled over a Nissan Maxima with its daytime running lights off, said the Crown. Beaver was driving but gave a false name. The officer noted that the drivers licence was for a man from Cold Lake who weighed 104 kg (230 lb). The officer didn’t think the driver weighed that much. He asked the driver where he’d lived and what he weighed. The driver said various places, but not Cold Lake. He weighed 178 lb (78 kg).

The officer arrested the driver for obstruction of a peace officer, the Crown said. The officer found a wallet in the driver’s back pocket with Beaver’s name on it. The officer checked this name against the system and found that Beaver was on two driving suspensions one for two years from September 13, 2018 and another for five years from Sept. 27, 2018.

Beaver’s criminal record was admitted as evidence.

Beaver is in custody on other matters, said the defence. However, he has more than enough time on this offence to cover the proposed sentence.

For intent/avoid arrest, Beaver was sentenced to 30 days. For driving while unauthorized, he was sentenced to 120 days (four months) concurrent and prohibited for driving for three years consecutive to his current prohibitions. The jail time equaled time served.

Court remains physically in High Prairie. People with criminal and traffic matters are expected to contact the court.

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