Court Report

Man convicted of dangerous driving from SL past Kinuso

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
September 2, 2020
Judge G.W. Paul

Matthew Douglas Hiron didn’t attend court, but had his lawyer enter guilty pleas to flight from a peace officer and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

On March 9, 2019, the RCMP were conducting surveillance in Slave Lake, said the Crown prosecutor. They noted a 1998 white Chrysler and called it in. At 1:47 p.m., they were told to pull the vehicle over as one occupant was suspected of having weapons and another of being wanted on warrants.

In the No Frills parking lot, they tried, but the vehicle drove quickly. There were people shopping and walking in the parking lot. The vehicle jumped the curb and sped south out of town. It weaved through traffic, and turned west on Highway 2.

The RCMP informed Lakeshore Regional Police and High Prairie RCMP to be on the lookout for the vehicle, the Crown said. At the west entrance to Kinuso, the police put down a spike belt. The driver evaded the belt by driving in the ditch, at around 100 km an hour.

The driver continued west, the Crown said. He was clocked at 160 km per hour. He swerved around the police and passed a vehicle unsafely.

Eventually, the High Prairie RCMP stopped the vehicle with a spike belt. The vehicle got stuck in the ditch. The four occupants including Hiron, who was driving, ran away. They were all arrested.

The Crown and defence submitted a joint submission of a 60 day conditional sentence and one year driving prohibition. says, “a conditional sentence is an imprisonment (jail) sentence, except that the offender serves the sentence outside of jail, under strict, jail-like conditions.”

Hiron’s previous criminal record is only one conviction, said the defence. He’s 34 and struggles with addiction and alcohol. These played a role in his actions on that day. The joint submission is “extremely favourable” to him.
“It’s an exceptional deal for him,” said Judge Paul. It may or may not be within an acceptable range. Hiron was arrested twice for not coming to court and for the most part he had someone else speak for him.
Judge Paul ordered Hiron to appear in-person on September 16 for sentencing.

“It is important that he be looked in the eye,” he said.

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