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Man stole semi from Walmart, because ride fell through

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
October 14, 2020
Judge G.W. Paul

On the phone from Edmonton Remand Centre, Ronald Darrell Barore pled guilty to three charges of failure to comply and possession of an imitation weapon for a dangerous purpose. Nine charges were withdrawn.
On June 1, 2020 at about 2 a.m., Slave Lake RCMP received a call from an Edmonton sobriety recovery home, said the Crown prosecutor. Barore was on conditions to be at the home 24-7 unless given permission by staff to leave. Earlier he had been given permission to drive a family member back home to Smith. However, he did not return.
Some people told police that they saw him in Smith, said the Crown. He was drunk and had a revolver. He was under conditions to abstain from alcohol and not have weapons, including knives. RCMP searched the area, but didn’t find him.
At noon, the recovery centre contacted the RCMP again, said the Crown. Barore called and told them he was at an address in Smith. When police arrived, the person living on the property told police that Barore was in a trailer out back. He also warned the police to be careful as Barore was high on methamphetamine. When police approached the trailer, another man came out. He told them that Barore had run out the back into the bush. He knew the police were going to arrest him and was going to meet a getaway vehicle.
Police went into the bush behind the trailer, said the Crown. They saw a black car in a sand pit. Barore was in the passenger seat and an unidentified woman was driving. The officer told the driver to stop the car. Instead, she drove away and sped through Smith. The driver eventually stopped. Barore was arrested.
Police found what looked like a .22 pistol under the passenger seat, said the Crown. There was also a baseball bat and knife in the car. Further investigation revealed that the gun was a starter pistol, with a solid barrel. Therefore it was an imitation firearm, not a working firearm.
Barore’s criminal record was admitted as evidence.
Barore was sentenced to 30 days each consecutive for the three failures to comply. For possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, he received 30 days concurrent. His total sentence was 60 days. This equalled time served.

Tyler Todd Michael Day appeared via closed circuit video from Edmonton Remand Centre. He pled guilty to theft of a motor vehicle, possession of property under $5,000, intent to avoid arrest, and mischief damage under $5,000.
The charges stem from two incidents, said the Crown prosecutor. The first on April 14 and the second on April 15.
On April 14, 2020 just before 2 a.m., Slave Lake RCMP received a call from a Walmart employee, said the Crown. A delivery driver had parked his semi at the back of the store. He left it running and knocked on Walmart’s back door. Suddenly, he heard the air brakes release. He turned and saw someone driving off with his truck. He tried to run after it, but couldn’t catch up. It headed east on Highway 2.
The driver’s cell phone and wallet were in the truck, said the Crown. He gave the police a description and the truck had a GPS tracker.
Police caught up with the semi at the intersection of Hwy. 2 and Hwy. 44. They followed the truck for 50 km on 44. At the Fawcett truckstop, they approached Day, while he was fueling up. Day showed police the truck driver’s ID and claimed to be him. When police corrected him, he admitted his real name.
The pallets of merchandise in the truck were valued at $4,750.
The second incident happened a few hours after Day was released from custody, said the Crown. At his release, Day told the judge that he had a ride and a place to stay in Cold Lake. However, a few hours later, Slave Lake RCMP found Day checking out a chain link fence by a property in Slave Lake. He was arrested. While in the police car, he kicked the door so hard it no longer closed and had to be replaced.
Day “admits to kicking the door,” said the defence. He has mental health issues, was off his medication and started self-medicating with illegal drugs. He had no money and no transportation.
Defence continued, Day’s ride out of Slave Lake fell through, and he was angry at being arrested again. The night before he had a ride to Edmonton, but had a falling out with the driver. Therefore, he took the semi truck.
Day’s criminal record and a mental health assessment were entered as evidence.
Day was sentenced to 90 days total. This was 90 days for theft of a motor vehicle. The other three convictions were 30 days concurrent each.

Appearing via closed circuit video from Edmonton Remand Centre, Lucas J. Laboucan (23) pled guilty to improper storage of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and failure to comply.
On February 6, 2020, Slave Lake RCMP received a report of a man chased by people in a pickup, said the Crown. Bear spray may have been used in the incident. Police found a pickup which matched the description in a driveway in Slave Lake. The headlights were on and there were two men inside. The officer recognized both men. The other was wanted for warrants, so was arrested.
In plain view, an officer noticed a .22 rifle stuffed behind the seat, said the Crown. The barrel was sawed-off, which made it a prohibited weapon. Laboucan was under conditions not to have firearms. The officer arrested him. After speaking with both occupants, the officer discovered that the gun was Laboucan’s. When the driver picked up Laboucan, Laboucan had the gun concealed in his pants.
Laboucan’s record was admitted. It started in 2019. Defence waived the right to a Gladue report.
Laboucan is a member of Whitefish Lake First Nation, said the defence. He plans to leave Slave Lake, as he hangs out with the wrong crowd and gets into trouble.
Laboucan was sentenced to 30 days concurrent for each conviction. This equalled time served. For carrying a concealed weapon, he was also prohibited from possessing some firearms and crossbows for 10 years and others for life.
“I don’t want to see you here again,” said Judge Paul.

Through duty council, Elija Rahim Beaver requested two drunk driving charges (likely from the same instance) be sent to Edmonton Provincial Court for summary disposition (to enter a guilty plea to one or both) on November 4, 2020.

Tricia Lynn Beaver’s lawyer requested her charge of failure to comply be sent to Desmarais Provincial Court on Oct. 19 for summary disposition (guilty plea).

Keno Waskahat was ordered to submit a mandatory DNA sample for a previous conviction.

At trial, Michael M. Koochin changed his plea to guilty of uttering threats to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property.
Defence requested a presentence report for this conviction and the ones from a previous trial. Koochin threatened to burn down a chicken coop. The conditions which he then breached stemmed from these threats.
Koochin will be sentenced on these and the other matters on February 3, 2021.

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