Court Report

Slave Lake
Provincial Court
April 12, 2017
Judge G.W. Paul

Fabian F. Skani was sentenced to nine more months in Edmonton Remand Centre (ERC) after pleading guilty to one count of assault causing bodily harm.
According to Provincial Crown Attorney Petter Hurich, Skani was inside the local homeless shelter on March 24th when he kneed the shelter’s security guard in the head, causing her to have a concussion.
Apparently the altercation happened after Skani asked for food and was denied because dining hours were over.
“Mr. Skani said he was going to leave and tried to take food,” said Hurich. “The complainant unlocked the locker which held Skani’s belongings and it was while she was bent over that Mr. Skani kneed her. He then ran.”
Hurich added, “Another consequence of Mr. Skani’s actions was that the shelter had to be closed for a few days because no-one was able to work as security.”
Judge Paul counted 10 prior assault convictions and two prior assault causing bodily harm convictions for Skani.
“This is on the serious end because the complaint had to miss work because of her injuries,” he said.
* * * * *
Amy Louise Adams appeared in court via closed circuit television from ERC and pled guilty to one count of failing to comply with an undertaking. Another mischief-related charge was resolved by way of a peace bond.
Hurich said that Slave Lake RCMP responded to a noise complaint at a local apartment building on April 8, 2017 when they came across Adams.
“Officers said that Ms. Adams had a very strong scent of alcohol on her breath and she was slurring her words,” said Hurich. “At the time Adams was on conditions to abstain from consuming alcohol.”
Adams was released after Judge credited her for time served.
“I would urge you to go to treatment Ms. Adams,” said Judge Paul.
* * * * *
Chase Aubrey John Ings also appeared via closed circuit from ERC and pled guilty to two charges, including one count of being in possession of stolen property and one count of housebreaking.
Defense counsel Bruce Maunder asked for a pre-sentence report to be prepared and informed Judge Paul that Ings had been accepted into a treatment centre for April 19th.
Ings will receive his sentence by June.
* * * * *
Lorraine Keyespapamatao pled guilty to one count of failing to comply with conditions. Hurich told the court that on April 8th, 2017, Slave Lake RCMP responded to a disturbance and found Keyaspapamatao smelling of alcohol, slurring her words and having difficult standing upright.
“On March 15th Ms. Keyespapamatao entered into a recognizance that was still in effect on this date for prior breach charges that included a no-drinking clause,” said Hurich.
Judge Paul ordered her release after crediting time served.
* * * * *
Jordan Barry Cardinal appeared in court from ERC and pled guilty to failing to appear in court for a docket appearance back in 2016.

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