COVID-19 July 27: No active cases in Slave Lake

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

On July 27, the one active case in the M.D. of Lesser Slave River was removed. This case was announced on Friday, July 24. This means Lesser Slave River, including the Town of Slave Lake, once again has five cases – all recovered.

On July 24, Mayor Tyler Warman in a video update said that the case which was announced on the map was likely of a person who was tested outside of the area, but who identifies with our region.

This is not the first time a case has been removed.

An Alberta Government communication officer says, in general, a decrease in the number of cases within a health region (or county) is likely because a person’s address was corrected. Locations of cases are based on people’s identification. This can be out of date or entered incorrectly.

North Zone

Although there are no active COVID-19 cases in the Lesser Slave Lake region, there are 110 active cases in the AHS North Zone. Over the weekend, there were 30 new cases, most of which were in MacKenzie County.

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