COVID fatigue looms larger

The letter in this week’s Leader from a Smith resident makes a fair point. It also probably indicates a larger trend, which could be called ‘COVID fatigue.’ COVID this, COVID that. COVID dominating every news report, every day. COVID, COVID, COVID.

People are tired of hearing about it. So are we, but we’re going to keep reporting on it. If somebody dies of something else, and we hear about it, we’re going to report that as well.

It’s also fair to say that people are unhappy about losing relatives to the coronavirus. We’re all sick of the restrictions, worried about health, the economy, our jobs and probably all sorts of other things.

What makes it tolerable is the belief that it will end some day, and something like normal life will return. That will be normal life with all its usual problems and tragedies – to say nothing of its opportunities for growth, success, beauty and goodness.

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