COVID was impetus to full-time piano teaching

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

“COVID has given lots of time to think, create and come up with new ideas,” says Susanne Campbell.

For her this has been in regards to how and who she teaches piano to. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Campbell had other jobs and taught piano on the side. During the pandemic, she started piano teaching as her only job.

“I’m not a tech person,” she says, but she now has a high-tech studio in her basement. It includes a piano which can send the music directly into headphones or to the student. Also, a camera with various different angles of both Campbell and the piano.

Last year, some of Campbell’s students did their Conservatory of Canada exams on the her electronic piano with the person testing them in Ontario.

Campbell hopes to offer students an option this coming fall of either in-person or online classes.

Most of her students are children who take one-on-one classes, but during the pandemic she added an online adult introductory class.

“It was in COVID and nobody had anything to do,” says Campbell. The pilot class had seven or eight students. It was 10 weeks.

“This is very non-threatening,” she adds. Most of the students remained muted the whole time. They had the option of playing for the group, or making a recording and sending it over.

Depending on how full her schedule gets, Campbell might offer one again this year. She’s also interested in doing something similar with teenagers.

“I think it could work,” she says. “Not everyone wants to be very very serious about it. You focus on everything, but you don’t teach at the level of exams. It’s more relaxed.”

Campbell has Grade 8 Conservatory of Canada piano. She teaches up to Grade 6. The evenings after school fill up quickly.

“I am wide open for homeschooling lessons,” she says.

Campbell is available at [email protected]

Susanne Campbell in her in-person piano studio. She has another setup for teaching online.

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