COVID Weekly: 12 new North Zone cases, but only one near Slave

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

On Sunday, June 14, there were no active cases in the M.D. of Lesser Slave River or municipalities border it. On Tuesday, one active case was announced in Northern Sunrise County, to the northwest. This is the first case in that region since before April 7.

Over the next few days, no new cases in Northern Sunrise were announced, so there was only one case in neighbouring municipalities. Lesser Slave, including the Town of Slave Lake, remained at zero active cases.

However, in other parts of the North Zone there 11 new cases. By Friday, June 19, there were 32 active in five regions.

Three regions had 10 active cases – Clear Hills County, Fort McMurray, and Wood Buffalo. All of the Clear Hills cases are carried over from previous weeks, but Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo increased last week. Wood Buffalo started the week with one, but by Friday had 10.

Four North Zone people recovered from COVID-19 from June 14 to 19. This includes the last case in MacKenzie County, which had the third most cases in the North Zone. Fort McMurray had one less with 32 total – 10 active and 22 recovered.

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