COVID Weekly: Active case in Slave Lake

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

As of July 24, there is one active COVID-19 case in the M.D. of Lesser Slave River, which includes the Town of Slave Lake. From July 10 to 23, across the AHS North Zone, there was a record number of new cases and the number of people in North Zone hospitals reached 12.

Slave Lake

The new active case in Lesser Slave River is the first active case in the area since the last five recovered on May 4. This is the only active case in the Lesser Slave Lake region, because three cases in Big Lakes County, including Driftpile First Nation, and two cases in Athabasca County recovered.

North Zone

The new Slave Lake case is part of a slew of new cases in the AHS North Zone. July 10 to 23 was the 20th Week, that COVID-19 has been in Alberta. There were 70 new North Zone cases, which is the most of any week since the pandemic started. This surpasses the record set by the previous week of 54 new cases.

The North Zone has 480 cases – 90 active, 373 recovered (44 new), and 17 deaths. During the week, the first cases in Lac La Biche and Smoky Lake County, northeast of Edmonton were announced.


Over the last few weeks, there were between one and four people in hospital because of COVID-19 in the North Zone. However, during the week of July 10 to 23, this number increased. The most people in North Zone hospitals was on Wednesday, July 22, with 12 people in hospital, of whom three were in an intensive care unit (ICU).

By July 24, the total hospitalizations decreased to 10, but the number of people in ICU increased to four. The week before there was only one person in hospital in the North Zone.

Some people from the North Zone may have also been in hospital in Edmonton.

The hardest hit

Over the last few weeks, MacKenzie County, near the Northwest Territories border has been the region in the North Zone hardest hit by the pandemic.

MacKenzie remains on a COVID-19 watch, with 45 active cases among its population of 24,171. MacKenzie numbers have increased dramatically over the last few weeks. These include cases from an outbreak from a family gathering in La Crete.

Over the week of July 17 to 23, there were 34 new cases in this region making a total of 107. This is the highest in the North Zone. Of these 45 were active, 61 recovered (16 new), and one person died (the most recent North Zone death on the weekend of July 10 to 12). 

Across the North Zone, there were 90 active cases in 13 regions.

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