Cross-border dumping at the Flatbush transfer station

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

This was councillor Sandra Melzer’s addition to the agenda at the M.D. council meeting on Nov. 25. She said people have been coming from Fawcett to use the transfer station in Flatbush, which they aren’t allowed to do (it’s only for M.D. residents). The problem is Westlock County’s transfer station at Jarvie is closed on Saturday, and the one at Flatbush is open that day.
Melzer’s suggestion was to write to the county urging it to keep its transfer station open on that day of the week.
Melzer said she’s afraid if people are turned away, the garbage may end up in a ditch.
“Good point,” said reeve Murray Kerik. “Not only that, somebody took it on themselves to advertise in the Fawcett newsletter when our transfer station is open!”
Councillor Robert Esau’s contribution to the discussion was to report he’s seen large loads of unsecured garbage heading towards the transfer station, with predictable results.
“There’s been garbage lost,” he said. “In two cases quite a bit of it. It looks really bad.”
Esau was for doing something about it. Reeve Kerik reminded him there are already rules on unsecured loads.
“I’d like to put more teeth in it,” Esau responded.
Council approved a motion to send a letter to Westlock County.

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