Curling returns with ‘physical distancing’ rules

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Slave Lake Curling Association is gearing up for another season of league play, with the occasional bonspiel on weekends. Thanks to COVID, things will look a bit different, but the game should be as fun as ever.

The association has released a set of ‘physical distancing’ rules to be followed this season. Everything from staggering start times on adjacent ice sheets, to one sweeper per rock! There are a dozen points in the list. The gist of it is to keep people apart from each other as much as possible – along with disinfecting surfaces frequently (rock handles, for example). The full list is available online at

Apart from the social distancing stuff, “We are going ahead with our season as per usual,” says Ryan Norman, club president. The three adult leagues are due to start play this week (Oct. 19). The Junior Rocks after-school program is set to begin in mid-November.

Bonspieling, however, appears to be on shakier ground. Norman says the club expects a couple of them will be canceled, “since they cannot satisfy AHS’s guidelines. But most of them are still a go.”

Which ones will be canceled and which ones will be announced later.

The curling rink in Kinuso will remain closed for the time being.

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