Dad wants to start Beyblade league in Slave Lake

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Beyblades are a kids toy, but also popular with adults. They are a spinning top with removable parts, which fight each other in small arenas.

Slave Laker Jonathan Fontanet got his kids Beyblades for Christmas. The kids are two and four. Fontanet plays with them. They play against each other, but he’d like to start a league so they can play with other kids.

“My two-year-old daughter is kind of learning (how to compete),” he says. However, four-year-olds and older works better.

In other places, people have Bayblade competitions in collectables stores.

But Slave Lake doesn’t have one, says Fontanet. “That nerdy opportunity, that people in the city have, we don’t have that here.”

Therefore, he’s looking at starting a league in parks during the summer and maybe in the MRC or library during the winter and fall.

Fontanet has noticed some interest in Beyblades in Slave Lake. Once, he saw about 10 kids playing Beyblades in a Slave Lake park. He says one of the stores that sells the toys and parts is often sold out.

In other places, Beyblade leagues have a $5 entry fee and the winner received cash or other prizes. However, the league in Slave Lake is just starting up.

“In the beginning, everybody plays for free and builds a community,” says Fontanet.

At this point, it is open to both kids and adults.

“A child can beat an adult depending on their strategy and how they play,” he says. “They (Beyblades) have different performance parts.”

By changing these parts, players change how the tops move and react to being hit by the tops.

People interested in the league can look up Slave Lake Beyblade League on Facebook.

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