Dancepl3y something new in town in the exercise line

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

So, what is Dancepl3y, and what is that three doing in there? Questions like these keep news reporters running and we believe we’ve gotten to the bottom of this one.
Dancepl3y (pronounced ‘danceplay’) is an exercise program for kids and adults being facilitated in Slave Lake by Amanda Grobbecker. It combines basic exercises with music and is apparently lots of fun. She’s got a couple of age group classes at the multi-rec centre going on Wednesdays, an adult evening class at a local gym a couple of nights a week.
The ‘three’ in the name, says Grobbecker, “is because we have three rules of play.”
These are ‘be positive, be fun and be yourself.’
“It’s a playful dance program,” she says, further describing it as “physical literacy and fundamental dance skills.”
For the kids, Grobbecker uses “top 40 music.” For the adults – more age-appropriate stuff. The music is an important part of the program, she says.
Grobbecker has only recently started offering the courses in Slave Lake, because she only recently moved here. Prior to that, she taught the same sort of thing various locations around the Northwest Territories, from her home base in Yellowknife. In fact it was in the NWT that she first learned of Dancepl3y, following it up by learning it, becoming certified in it and teaching it to others.
“I’m also a personal trainer,” says the Stratford Ontario native.
In addition to the above-mentioned, Grobbecker was teaching Dancepl3y to elementary school students at St. Mary of the Lake School last week.
“It meets the standards for (Alberta Education) dance curriculum,” she says. “The school sought me out.”
The adult classes are at Champions Fitness, Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Dancepl3y instruction Amanda Grobbecker

Dancepl3y with the kids
Photo courtesy Amanda Grobbecker

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