Daylight Savings Time, yes or no

Leader staff

On Oct. 18, Albertans get to vote on daylight savings time as well as the municipal election.

The question on the ballot is “Do you want Alberta to adopt a year-round daylight savings time (DST), which is summer hours, eliminating the need to change our clocks twice a year?”

The government doesn’t say why it chose this question. However, the wording could have a bigger impact than people imagine.

In a University of Calgary news article, Dr. Michael Antle argues that although changing twice a year is bad for our health, year-round summer hours would be worse. This is because the time of sunrises impacts a person’s natural sleep cycles. If we have summer hours, the sun will rise even later in winter than it does already.

Until 1972, Alberta followed standard time, he says. Why isn’t that an option?

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