Demolition costs added to owners’ property taxes

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

After spending over half a million dollars cleaning up a couple of derelict commercial properties, the Town of Slave Lake now gets to attempt to collect the money from the property owners. It’s probably fair to say nobody expects the money to be paid. But this is the process required by the Municipal Government Act.

Accordingly, council passed two motions. As a result, the owners of the former Highway Motor Inn are now facing a property tax bill with an additional $384,000 on it. The owners of the Lakeside Motor Inn get $139,000 added to theirs.

Councillor Brice Ferguson asked what kind of interest would be charged on those amounts, should they not be paid in time. Same as is charged on late tax payments, he heard.

Speaking of the tax accounts, council heard one of them is in good standing (taxes paid up to date, in other words) and the other one isn’t.

If the demolition charges are not paid, the town will eventually be able to attempt to recover them via a tax sale of the properties.

Councillors did not speculate on the prospects for those sales, should it ever come to that. But at this point it seems likely the burden will remain on the taxpayer of Slave Lake.

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