Derelict building getting on town’s nerves

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Maybe it’s time to do something about a certain derelict building, said mayor Tyler Warman at a recent town council meeting. He gave its address: 700, 14th Ave. SW. That’s an old service station, owned by the same people who owned the Highway Motor Inn, which the town had demolished last year. Recouping the cost of demolition from the owners seems unlikely.

“They won’t even give us money to cut the grass,” Warman said.

The building is more than an eyesore. People use it, camp out in it, light fires in it and so on.

“It’s a big safety concern,” Warman said, and proposed that the town look into doing something about it. He made a motion to that effect, directing administration to bring a report back to council for decision. The motion passed.

In the meantime, Warman said, it seems some people are cutting through the property – in vehicles – making a shortcut from the adjacent residential street to 14th Ave., and vice versa. Maybe the town should put up concrete barriers to stop that from happening, he said.

This building is an eyesore and a safety concern.

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