Difficult, but necessary

The best will in the world will not make a homeless shelter in Slave Lake that pleases everyone. That almost goes without saying, since so many have said it, or something like it, already.

But most people (as far as we know) also say a shelter is a good idea, or a necessity. The province agrees and is providing money to run a shelter, 24/7, staffed by professionals. It’s not the answer to the ills of society, but it should keep some people alive long enough for them to come around to a better place in their lives. There are supports available for people wanting to get out of addiction, or in need of counselling, or who want to get back into the workforce and need a helping hand.

But it’s difficult to find a location for such a facility that isn’t inconvenient or worse for someone. Nevertheless, it is going to happen, and it has to happen somewhere. The less fortunate are with us; we may not like it. We may wish it was otherwise. We may decide to move out into the country to get away from urban woes. It’s good to have options. Many people don’t, and they must be looked after. Good for our provincial and municipal leaders for recognizing this and trying to do something about it.

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